Corporate Social Responsibility

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Solvay Indupa believes in the Corporate Social Responsibility as the creation of an economic value through the generation of employment and benefits; social value through the training and community actions; and environmental value, through our job in the Sustainable Development.

By the active participation of its members, Solvay Indupa states its commitment to the community to which it belongs, helping to meet its needs.

Argentina – Projects

Youth Program - Solvay Indupa has a firm belief in the future of outstanding young people from Bahía Blanca, and it is shown in the Internship Program, aimed at students from high school and vocation schools of Bahía Blanca, which intends to contribute to the employment of young professionals in the region. The most important aim of this action is to promote the labor development of last term university students and newly graduted professionals.

Sodium Hypochlorite donation

Visit to the Facilities - As part of its policy of opening up to the community, Solvay Indupa has a facilities visiting program, with the aim of giving the neighboring community the opportunity of getting to know its facilities and operations. The preferred themes are related to the activities of the company, its products and their use in everyday life. In this manner, we try to clear the negative concepts that surround industrial activities.

Programmes along with other companies: 

Good Job Programme: It aims at the training of industrial professions for young unemployed people, so as they can compete for job positions related to the activities of industrial and port services. Agreement with Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Facultad Regional Bahía Blanca [Regional School of Bahia Blanca], Universidad del Salvador (USAL), Union of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries, Bahía Blanca District, among other institutions which are part of this alliance.

Agreement for the reuse of sewer water is jointly developed by ABSA, UTN and AIQ.

Labor Skill Certification: “Superate” is jointly developed by the Chemical Industrial Association of Bahía Blanca, the UTN (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional) at the Bahía Blanca Regional Faculty and the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security. Its aim is for workers to achieve a certification that may guarantee the quality and specialization of their services. The specializations certified are: electrician, electrical fitter, mechanic and mechanic fitter, plumber and pipe fitter.

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Garbage Separation Program: It promotes the domestic separation of organic and inorganic waste and the diffusion through the community of the benefits and the impact of its separation at the source, differentiated recollection, retrieval and recovery through waste recycling. This program is part of the environmental educational program in Ingeniero White, which is purposively sponsored by our Association.

Summer camp: The purpose of this program is to motivate children between the ages of 4 and 13 from the Ingeniero White neighborhoods to do and participate in sport and educational activities during the summer period.

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Forestation: The project Planting - ​T​rees ​T​ogether proposes a cooperation model in which neighbors from IngenieroWhite together with the companies and authorities interact in order to look after and respect those species planted in their community. According to a diagnosis provided by students from the Agronomical Engineering Department from Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS), a forestation program with medium and long term plans were developed.​ Through the "Development of forest curtains" program 20.000 trees of different species have been planted to this date, developing a curtain between the industrial and urban sectors. Both programs are jointly developed with the Bahía Blanca Municipality.

Argentina - Sponsorship

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Founding Member of Chemical Industry Association of Bahía Blanca - Solvay Indupa is part of the Chemical Industry Association, along with companies such as Mega and DOW Argentina, also located in the Petrochemical Complex of Bahía Blanca. The vision that guides this association is that the Petrochemical Complex of Bahia Blanca is showing the greatest growth in the country.

In order to keep things running smoothly and in harmony, generating benefits for the whole society, this Association believes that the complex should be regarded by the community as “safe, environment-friendly and a good neighbor”. The main goal of the Association is to gather the efforts of the four companies to increase potential integration and communication with the community, and also to improve safety and environmental protection programs, information and coordination.

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Active Participation in APELL Process - The APELL* process basically differs from other self-protection community experiences because it requires active participation in all the stages and on an equal basis of three key actors: the community, the local governmental authorities and the industry. Our company has participated and encouraged this initiative from the start.

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As regards the care of the environment, Solvay Indupa has different certificates and permits which make it possible to work the materials efficiently and effectively to minimize the environmental impact:

  • Certificate of Environmental Aptitude.
  • Permit of gas effluent discharge.
  • Permit of liquid effluent discharge.
  • Certificate of Special Accreditation: Annual Presentation of residue movement. 
  • Registered in the CEDRONAR
  • Endorsement to the Chemical Industry Responsible Care Programme®.
  • Solvay Indupa has been qualified by the Chamber of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries as the Argentine Petrochemical Company that in 2014 achieved the best results in the framework of the Environment Responsible Care Programme.

As part of its sustainable performance programme, it permanently develops plans of reduction of consumption of water and energy, successfully focusing on the improvement of its industrial efficiency as regards the use of natural resources.

For the company, the security within the Production site is high priority and that is the reason why the corporative programme “Rules that save lives” is being carried out for all the people who work in the plant, which helps to consolidate the security culture.

Brazil - Projects

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Chemistry and Nature - This came out of an environmental education project developed by Solvay Indupa since 1997 in the community surrounding the Santo André plant. With the main objective being to involve students from schools in Rio Grande da Serra, Paranapiacaba and Ribeirão Pires in a process to identify the main problems that affect the community's quality of life and to develop a plan of activities, working on concepts of sustainable development and citizenship. In 2005, School-Citizen Clubs were rolled out, involving representatives of the communities in the discussion about the environment already developed in schools. 

From that moment, Chemistry and Nature became a social and environmental responsibility program developed by Solvay Indupa with the different representatives of the local community, presenting environmental education, sports, culture and income-generation projects. 

The main projects:

Enjoy Chemistry and Nature - A socio-environmental education project created in 2006 in order to continue the work already done by Solvay Indupa in Rio Grande da Sierra and Paranapiacaba communities. In an exciting and innovative way, film is used as the main tool to provoke reflection among students about local social and environmental issues. At the end of each school year, as a result of all the work done with the students, it produced a DVD with short documentary films that record all the environmental education work down with children and young people. This video is produced by the students that in a few meetings learn the secrets and techniques of video production.   

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Fibers of the Hills - An environmental education and joint economy project developed by Solvay Indupa with the site-neighboring community of the city of Rio Grande da Serra. The project is focused on the creation of jobs and income and aimed at the production of handcrafted objects, fabrics with straw and banana tree fiber, which are added to other materials, based on environment attitudes such as: careful nature exploration, reuse of materials and reduction of wastes in production processes.

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Skatescola - In order to encourage the practice of this sport and emphasize the concept of socio-educational practice and use of sports as an exercise of citizenship, beneficial for the human development, the project entailed, for Rio Grande da Serra, a pioneering action in the country, considering its format and the work team.

Made up of social educators, a physical education teacher, specialized in the skate training, communication professionals, professional skate athletes, the project broadens the knowledge of the socio-educational management and of this sport modality.

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Solidarity Recycling - The project that was started in 2003, on the World Environment Day, is aimed at encouraging Solvay officers to selectively collect the domestic garbage and put it into the containers placed in the factory. All the profit deriving from the sale of the collected material for recycling is returned in a social benefit for the community in the surroundings of the factory. Apart from that, the officers can also hand out in the factory the vegetable oil used in their households, that later is donated to the entities of Rio Grande da Serra, which use it in soap making for personal use and for sale, thus generating a source of household income.

APAE - Since 1994 Solvay has supported the work developed in the APAE (Asociación de Padres y Amigos de los Excepcionales, for its Spanish acronym: Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional ones), of Rio Grande da Serra, paying a teacher and a physical education teacher for the entity. Apart from that, they take specific action such as help for the construction of a new branch of the entity by donating material for that construction.

Brazil - Sponsorship

Heath Campaign – Solvay Indupa is a frequent sponsor of Vaccination Campaigns against dengue fever, among other diseases. The main beneficiaries are Communities of Rio Grande da Serra and Ribeirão Pires. 

Paranapiacaba Winter Festival - Paranapiacaba is an old village founded along a railway in 1867 that, although of a recognized historical importance, left forlorn for many years. For this reason, the local authority of Santo André, which since 2002 owns the village, has been trying to reinvigorate it by strengthening its tourism potential. The local authority of Santo André established a sub-office in Paranapiacaba which, as a quantum leap forward, created the Paranapiacaba Winter Festival.

Solvay Indupa sponsors the event since its inception in 2001. Since then, the festival takes place every year always in July, and each event goes beyond expectations both in number of visitors and quality of attractions presented.