Unipar Carbocloro concludes Solvay Indupa acquisition

The combined company is now Latin America’s leading producer of caustic soda and chlorine and the second-largest producer of PVC

São Paulo, December 27th, 2016 – Unipar Carbocloro concluded today the final phase of the acquisition of Solvay Indupa. The transaction was announced on May 2nd and was approved by Brazil's antitrust authority CADE on December 7th. With the integration of the plants acquired from Solvay Indupa, Unipar Carbocloro is now Latin America’s larger producer caustic soda and chlorine and second-largest producer of PVC, with installed capacity of 510,000 tons of PVC, 670,000 tons of chlorine and 750,000 tons of caustic soda. The combined company includes the Unipar Carbocloro plant in Cubatão, on the coast of São Paulo state, Brazil, and two plants that will operate under the name Unipar Indupa – one unit in Santo André, in the São Paulo metropolitan area, and another in Bahía Blanca, in Argentina. 

Unipar Carbocloro has studied the PVC industry as a natural extension of its caustic soda and chlorine operations. The acquisition of Solvay Indupa will enable the company to enter this market with the adequate scale to compete effectively with other players. “Unipar is raising its scale and entering a new market, with international operations. Our challenge will be to prepare the company to take further steps and pursue new aspirations,” said Pércio de Souza, chairman of the board.

The integration process will begin immediately. During this period, the company will assess both companies’ operations, seek to capture synergy gains, adjust processes and pursue adequate results. Production operations at industrial units will continue normally. The information technology systems will be integrated gradually. “We will proceed very carefully to minimize any impacts on our stakeholders,” added Aníbal do Vale, CEO of the company.  

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