About us

Solvay Indupa is one of the most important petrochemical companies in MERCOSUR and its main products are PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) and Sodium Hydroxide.

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Facts and Figures

In Argentina, the Company produces 220,000 tons/year of PVC and 185,000 tons/year of sodium hydroxide, whilst in Brazil it produces 300,000 tons/year of PVC and 170,000 tons/year of sodium hydroxide.

Solvay Indupa provides jobs to thousands of professionals hired throughout Mercosur. Yet, it is worth to mention that, generally speaking, petrochemical activities have a wide-ranging effect over the production chain of plastic and other products, when it comes to jobs.


In order to become a genuine Mercosur organization, Solvay Indupa has gone through integration with its manufacturing units, thus optimizing various resources from its site in Argentina and Brazil, favoring production and making it possible to supply regional customers.


To fulfill the expectations from customers, stockholders, employees and the community, manufacturing and marketing PVC resins and sodium hydroxide, participating in the development of applications to improve quality of life for the whole society, and to be recognized as a role model for responsible behavior.


What makes one company establish this mission is the knowledge that its activities generate products that are fundamental to human well beings. The organization realizes the need to satisfy the expectations of our target public. In this context, the customers, the employees and stockholders are the reason for the company existence, as well as the respect for neighboring communities.


To be the leader in PVC resin market in South America and preferred supplier of sodium hydroxide in Mercosur.


Because the vision is representing what we want to reach in the future, this sentence shows the efforts of the organization to be a benchmark in manufacturing and marketing of products. To be the leader in a market means producing more and selling more, with better quality and profitability and in an increasingly responsible manner.


  • Ethical behavior
  • Respect for people
  • Customer care
  • Empowerment
  • Teamwork 


Values stand for the firm belief that the organization will drive it forward, in connection with a set of everyday attitudes that underpin the company’s culture.